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Hi, Ted--
Glad you have alerted people to the virtual EPA reactor in Second Life. From "Many businesses" on, the information in your post actually all comes from Jeff Corbin, who built the reactor under the auspices of Prof. Robert Amme, of the Physics Dept. at Denver University, and with a grant from the NRC.

This is a great tool not only for training purposes but also for showing the general public what the innards of a reactor are actually like. In First Life,very few people ever get to see this, and the experience is remarkable. When I was speaking at Denver U, Jeff assisted me in acquiring an avatar and "flying" through the plant. It was amazing.

As an experienced voyager in Second Life and as author of "The Virtual Librarian" you know how effective Second Life is as communication medium.

The NRC grant is running out. It would be a shame to see the virtual EPR shut down just at a time when people have become more curious about nuclear power.

If anyone knows of ways to fund this useful and informative--and entertaining--project, I hope he or she will contact Jeff Corbin.

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The University of Texas system has purchased land in SL, betting the investment will improve teaching and research at all of its institutions. They will be adjacent to SciLands, with 50 islands planned. 90% of UK universities have a presence according to recent surveys funded by Eduserv.

There are hundreds of Colleges and Universities using
this virtual 3D platform.

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