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Another point is that the official theory that even small amounts of radiation are harmful is false. This theory, known as LNT, has NEVER had any actual evidence to support it (& still doesn't though "experts" & "environmentalists" worldwide have been challenged to produce some. On the other hand there is a massive amount of evidence for the opposite theory, known as hormesis, that it is beneficial to health. See http://a-place-to-stand.blogspot.com/2010/03/low-level-radiation-evidence-that-it-is.html

Nice little cup of life, protection of the environment so they can make a lot of contribution! Cool!

I concerned about the fact that nuclear technology is bad for the country, even if nuclear fission does its work by using as much material of any other non nuclear process.

Nuclear technology is harmful to the earth, despite the fact that nuclear fission does its job by using one millionth as much material as any non-nuclear processes.

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