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There is a willing amalguame made regarding the external radiations, which damages had been studied because of the use of radioactive substances for radiology and even welding radiography, and internal radiation or contamination by ingestion of radioactive substances, which had only been studied by few specialists in Chernobile!!
Of course, internal radiation is what will bring most harm to japanese; a substance that can harm someone from a distance, how to say when it lays nearby one's heart cells or brain sells?
Better to get more informed about the topic, instead of being mislead.

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announcing that no amount of radiation is small enough to be harmless was certainly effective in creating and nurturing phobic fear of radiation, when none was justified by the facts.

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Radiation expert Professor Wade Allison, author of “Radiation and Reason,” has cast the question in a new light. He suggests, let’s set the permissible radiation limit the same way we set all other safety limits. Not by asking how little radiation we can get by with, but how much can we safely permit? There’s no intention of lowering the safety margin, and it will not be lowered. That’s not the issue. It’s a matter of working with the scientific data, rather than from a generic fear not supported by the science.

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"Most people are benefited by radiation and not harmed? Perhaps they should review their conclusion against their studies about nuclear radiation.Since when a nuclear radiation has been helpful or beneficial in the history of humanity?

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