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Now, today, I am being told that we dare not tell people about hormesis, even though no knowledgeable scientist I know would argue against it. Why do we try to hide this open secret? I don’t find, in talking with people in various circumstances, that they find this concept hard to understand or hard to accept. We can’t stop people from looking at the data, though we seem to be trying awfully hard. Google will tell anyone who asks that natural radiation levels are high in mountain resorts, where the cancer level is low. Radon spas brag about their high radioactivity and many governments pay for their hormetic effects. How long can we hide such information? Why would we want to?

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So Otto Raabe gives us a solid population of radium dial painters whose individual body burdens of radium has been measured.

Even well known carcinogens, such as arsenic or nicotine, are only harmful if exposure is high enough.

Businesses of all sizes have to recruit to meet staffing needs.

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