Uses of Commercial Air Conditioners And How They Differ From Residential Units


 Proper air conditioning makes the environment comfortable for those in a building. Humidity and high temperature have the tendency to hang in the air when not dealt with making the surrounding hot and damp. If this happens in commercial offices, the image of the company will suffer ridicule. To ensure safer working environments, company owners must employ proper commercial air conditioning procedures.

The difference between commercial and residential air conditioning

Vast differences exist between residential and commercial HVACs. You cannot use a home cooling unit in large businesses and vice versa. The common differences exist along the following lines:

Amount of power

Commercial air conditioning Perth involves the use of many commercial HVACsin order to absorb heat and humidity from working areas. Due to their huge size, workplace air conditioners require a lot of power to operate. Residential units are smaller and run on a low-level voltage.

Location of placement

Home air conditioners come in standard units with the evaporator in the indoors and the condenser outdoor. Commercial conditioners, on the other hand, have their heating and cooling unit outside-usually on the rooftops.The units are pretty huge and can take up a lot of space in the offices that can be put to good use. Additionally, these units work extremely hard and thus produce a lot of noise to be kept inside. Find out more in this site :

Technical expertise

It goes without saying that residential units are basic in structure and thus easy for anybody to assemble or repair them. Commercial units are complicated and need a skilled technician to assemble and install. For instance, home units can drain their systems comfortably using a single condensate pan. Commercial ones need several of them to prevent pan overflowing.

Power saving ability

Advanced commercial units like Actron Air Perth have several thermostats for zoning. What does this mean? It means commercial units can auto shut themselves in areas that don’t need cooling to save on energy bills. Home units are yet to test the beauty of zoning.

Using skilled commercial air conditioning Perth experts for repair and maintenance

As said before, commercial air conditioning units are far advanced than home units. Don’t bring your home unit technician to work on work place units. He is likely to mess things up and make the damage even extensive.

Getting an accomplished technician for commercial units should be as simple as ABC. I mean, yours is not the only company around with cooling units, and you definitely are not the first one to need repairs. Ask the firm across the street to provide you with the contacts of the expert who helped them. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can as well ask the company that installed for you to repair them.

Ducted Air Con Vs Split Systems

Ducted system

Temperatures are set to rise as summer approaches and this is when you need to rely on your air conditioning systems. However, have you decided on which system you are going to have? Are you going to rely on a split system or a ducted air conditioning system? Not sure which to choose? You are not alone in this decision and in a way both are excellent. So, how can you narrow the choices down? Read on to find out which system might just work for your home.

Will You Still Get Cooled Down?

Whether you choose a split system or a ducted air conditioning system you are going to find they cool you down. That is very important and it will help to ensure you get a good system for the home. However, there are many things you need to consider when it comes to choosing between these two systems.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Firstly, you need to consider how much you want to spend. Now, the costs for installing ducted air conditioning Perth and a split system can vary. In some cases, a centralized system can be a lot more expense since it has to cool the entire home rather than the split system which targets one room in particular. If you are happy however to spend lots of money then choosing a centralized system such as the ducted system might be far more effective.

Where Do You Want To Cool Down?

Are you looking to target one area within the home in particular or the entire home? Sometimes you only need one or two areas cooled and that might be a split system. However, you do need to think about how many air conditioning systems you want to install. If you want a personal air condition system for each room then you will have a lot more expense rather than when you choose a ducted system. That is very important to remember when it comes to choosing a new system for the home.

Choose the Right Air Conditioning Perth Systems

Ducted air conditioning Perth and split systems can both offer everything you will ever need or want. However, when it comes down to choosing between them you have to think about what your home needs and what is viable. If you find one system isn’t really practical for the home, you need to look at other options. Choosing the right system will be extremely important for the home.

Enjoy Your New Air Condition System

Getting the home cool when it’s vastly hot outside can be so important. Baking in a home is not good as you feel very sluggish and unwilling to do anything. However, when you have a good air conditioning system within the home you can find things are far more comfortable.You must think about what your home needs and choose something that works perfectly. Find the right air conditioning system for your home today.


Consider Solar Power for Your Home


The benefits associated with solar power

Working with the Sun to ability your home can help reduce your power expenses and your carbon impact. Providing you access to a renewable and clean source of energy, we have a look at how a solar electricity system will benefit your home.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, throughout every season our country bakes under the relentless sunshine. Australia is not called the Sunburnt Country for nothing: we experience more solar radiation per rectangular kilometre usually than everywhere else in the world. The Sun gives all of us 10, 000 times the annually than Australian’s ingest in a year. Solar panel systems allow us to make the almost all of this amazingly large and renewable source of energy.

Some further resources for Solar Power in Australia

How Solar Power Panels Work

Solar electricity panels get the Sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that we can use in the home to power our appliances. The panels, comprised of solar (PV) cells, are usually mounted onto a home’s living room roof and oriented in a way that maximises their exposure to the Sun’s light. When the sunlight hits them, they generate electricity. An inverter can be used to convert the energy into AC electricity that you can use in your home.

Strength from the sunlight can be used to warm your drinking water also to heat your home. Heating water can consideration for up to just one 1 / 3 of a typical home electricity bill and so even just heating your household’s water with a solar water system can make a difference to the amount of energy that you draw from the grid.

And it seems that many Aussie homeowners agree: in 04 2013, more than a million households around the world experienced solar panels while practically 800, 000 are using solar to warm their homes and water (solar warm water systems and air source heat pump systems)vi.
The financial great things about solar power panels

Home in Perth being built


Solar powered energy systems have financial benefits that materialise, happen over time. You will discover preliminary start-up and set-up costs of a home solar powered energy system. But it’s really worth looking at the in advance expenditure as an investment, as there are many ongoing benefits for owners that make up for the initial cost.

The first is obvious: as you create your own energy, you make use of less from the grid and you save on your electric power bills. The second is that when your sections generate more electricity than your household requires, the excess electricity can be sold back to the grid (depending on techniques in several States or Territories).

Over the years, solar panels can be a real real estate selling point and probably add market value to your home. Solar panels makes for a great selling point if you are considering selling your home.

Solar Power In Australian States

If you are in the Adelaide area, speak to the team at Kozco Energy Group for great advice on Solar Power and how you can save energy in your Adelaide home or business. In Sydney speak to the team at Solar Choice. If you are in the Brisbane area, check out True Value Solar. In Melbourne speak to the team at Total Solar Solutions. If you are in the Perth area, talk to Alpha Team.




What Constitutes a Commercial Air Conditioning Unit?


A comfortable working environment is vital for everyone working. Because of that, commercial air conditioning units are commonly found in commercial establishments. They offer a cool environment for everyone in restaurants, outlets, hotels, hospitals, offices and other public locations. The design behind these air conditioning kinds is similar with the residential units. However, the size of the air conditioner is what separated home air conditioning units from the commercial ones. The fundamental elements are the interior unit, exterior unit as well as drainage system.

The interior unit has blowers, evaporator coil, air filters as well as control unit which is actually the thermostat. Apparently, commercial air conditioning units have multifaceted thermostats attached to a computer utilized for regulating temperatures based upon zones. The air filters are stored with blowers for the cleaning of air as the blowers pump cooled air through the vents and ducts. Meanwhile, the evaporator coil is the one that cools the air. Refrigerant is impelled into the system from the external unit. The coil dissipates the liquid which attracts the moisture and heat out of the air. The warmed vapor is drawn back out to the external systems.

The external unit has condenser coil, compressor and fan. The condenser coil obtains the heated refrigerant from the compressor, discharges the heat into the air and compresses the refrigerant into a liquid state to be impelled back in the course of the unit. The compressor works similarly to a pump for the system. The refrigerant is impelled back through the indoor units to draw heat and moisture out of the air by the evaporation of the refrigerant. The compressor disseminates the dissipated liquid from the interior constituents out to the condenser coil.

Lastly, drainage is one of the most essential features of an air conditioning unit. The procedure of cooling air, drawing moisture out of the air and the immediate extension and of the vapor makes significant quantities of concentration. While window air conditioners make use of a pan to gather and seize plenty of condensation, commercial air conditioning units utilize a multifaceted pipe systems originating from the interior units to the exterior of the structure. Strolling around a structure, you generally spot an inch pipes thrusting out of the wall dripping water. The pipe is the final outcome of the drainage system which requires to be cleaned sporadically to deter an upsurge of slush inside the pipe. More details in our post here:

It is very important the workers feel comfortable while working even in a limited but crowded space. With the said air conditioners, workers will be able to work effectively and cater to clients agreeably. Moreover, potential clients would be discouraged to transact with a commercial establishment which is poorly ventilated. With a cool environment provided by these units, productivity of the company will be positively affected and clients properly attended. Clients who are waiting to be serviced will not feel like going out of the building soon because they feel comfortably seated in an area because of the cool and relaxing atmosphere they experience.

Split System Air Conditioning Advantages

air-conditioning in home

Anyone can really appreciate a cool environment on a hot summer day. The thing is nowadays such convenience cannot be easily achieved especially if one is living in an area where there are limited or no trees around. In such areas, a favorable option to do is to install a cooling device such as a split system air conditioning unit installed in a property. Nowadays, there are several kinds of air conditioning systems and the one mentioned above is just one of them.

A split system air conditioning unit is at times referred to as ductless split, mini-split, ductless or duct-free air conditioning system. It attaches an indoor evaporator unit to a condenser installed outside a house or building using a tiny tube. It permits cooling of an area in your house or many areas depending on your preference. There are even those that come with a heating option as well.

Above is mentioned an advantage of having a split system air conditioning unit in your house. However, there are more to expect from it which include to following:

  • Easy installation
    Generally, it is easier to install compared to a conventional air conditioner. When attaching the evaporator to the condenser, it is necessary to have a three inch hole in a wall intended for the conduit. It is unnecessary for the condenser to sit near the evaporator which is situated inside since the conduit connector can be used in varying lengths. As a result, cooling any indoor space can be conveniently implemented.
  • Versatility
    The indoor blowers for the said air conditioning system could be set up in three areas whether in a wall, ceiling or floor. Meanwhile, there are also purchasable independent standing floor units. They are tiny and generally are covered in an ornamental jacket for indoor consumption. Moreover, they are also typically go together with a remote control in order for the temperature to be easily regulated. The remote control is in each room where the unit is set up.
  • Operating silently
    Noise is unfortunately an inconvenience in other air conditioners unlike a split system type. The reason for this is that the compressor is located outside. As a result, it is hardly heard when the unit is operating.
  • Energy Proficiency
    Though central air conditioning systems have turned into more energy proficient all these years, these systems lose more than 1/3 of their energy consumption due to the duct work needed in order for the system to work appropriately which is especially real if the duct work has to voyage through an area not conditioned such as a basement or attic. On the other hand, split system air conditioners do not necessitate ducting since it only requires a three-inch conduit cable to connect a tinier outdoor compression unit.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    It is preferable for those who want to save money on an air conditioning unit. Though it is more expensive than window units, it is still less costly than setting up an air conditioner with a central system.

Find out more advantages here:

Is Home Air Conditioning a Must Have?

Lady on couch in home with air con

Home air conditioning provides many benefits over running fans or even the traditional air conditioning unit that is installed via the window. For one thing, home ac units are centrally controlled. Unlike window limited units, these home air conditioning units have the capability of cooling the entire home at one time, via an air duct system that pumps the air and evenly distributes it throughout the house. With the window units, they are not only becoming obsolete, but they are limited in their usage.

Typically these units only distribute a comfortable amount of cooled air about the room in which they are installed. They also burn more energy and in turn cause higher electric bills and even presents a danger to circuit breakers. Besides these disadvantages, these units are also extremely bulky and heavy and often requires a team of two or more persons for installation. The further danger is having a window opened in which the unit is installed and having it fall out potentially hurting someone severely that may be in its path. Centralized units combats all of these worries with the convenience and efficiency of its design.

Next to the bulky obsolete air conditioning units comes traditional fans. Many think that these devices are better for cooling and saving energy but they too present similar problems as with the window installed units.

Besides being lighter in weight, these units also present an issue with circuitry that has the potential to start fires, particularly when multiple units are running, as would be the case for homes with multiple areas that need to be cooled. They may stretch further in their capacity to cool, but these units merely circulate the air already about the home. There is no temperature control or actual cooling of the air and this can present a major problem of pollutants and quality of air.

Centralized air conditioning units for the home combat all of these issues. For one, they require less energy usage because of the efficiency of air distribution. They also operate on a separate system than outlets and plugins to ensure safety from fires while they also have the capacity to actually cool the air with its temperature controlled settings. The user can set the temperature to a desired point and allow for the unit to automatically shut on and off depending on the homes temperature. This in itself provides for less energy usage and more savings.

Most units also have a built in fan system that can circulate the crisp cool air built up in the home for added savings against running the cooling mechanism continuously.

There are also health advantages to using these units, which include the better air quality that comes with temperature controlled cooling over running fans. Home units have installed filtration systems to trap air dust and other polluting particles to give a cleaner more breathable environment. This helps against such chronic disorders as asthma, coughing and sneezing and lessens the chance of sickness. The air we breathe is important and home air conditioning units are sure to provide a safer option.

How to Take Care of Your Split System Air Conditioner

split system air conditioning

Global warming has become a global concern. With the Summer Sun soaring high and the scorching heat taking a toll on you, split system air conditioner machines seem like a big respite. But, you want these machines to run smoothly, and not slog. You want them to offer you quality air, and not break down or lead a passive life. Therefore, maintenance of your machine should become your prime concern to make sure that it functions properly, even if the mercury is on a steady rise.

But, how to do it? How to look after the machine and take good care of it? Here are a few things you can do to make the system function better:

Take care of the filters:

The filters are the most vital part of the machine. They keep away dust and microbes, and therefore, tend to accumulate dirt very easily. Change the filters every two to three months to prevent clogging. Remember, it is only with clean filters can you get clean air. Moreover, the dirtier your filters are, the costlier shall be the machine’s maintenance and repair.

Maintain unit fans:

Unit fans break down due to dirt accumulation or loose blades. Get rid of noisy, dirty blades today. Open the unit and thoroughly clean the fans. Tighten loose blades and clean them with a mild detergent. Dry it thoroughly before closing the unit and switching on the power supply.

Clean the compressor:

The compressor of your split system air conditioner makes use of low pressure and low volume gas and converts it into high pressure and high volume gas, which is perfect for the machine. Besides this, it also keeps the evaporator free from vapor accumulation. To make sure that a machine runs smoothly, it is important to keep the compressor clean. Use purpose-made oil for the cleanup process. More details here.

Maintain a working evaporator:

The cool air which comes out of the machine, first encounters the evaporator coil, where the heat gets absorbed, resulting in cooling. If the evaporator of your machine has aged, consider replacing it as soon as possible. Newer the evaporator better will be the air flow and circulation.

Clean the air ducts:

This is an important part of your machine maintenance attempt. The ducts of the system keep the cool air circulated in the entire area. But, they tend to pick up dust and grime very easily. Remove the dust from time to time to let clean air flow.

Keep the refrigerant level adequate:

Every such machine comes with a refrigerant which serves in cooling air. At times, the level of this refrigerant can come down, leading to malfunctioning. In most cases, a leak in the machine causes this issue. The machine may stop working altogether, even if you have changed the filters recently. And, there might crop up issues of ice formation in the tubes. Make sure to hire expert repair services to resolve this problem. Address to a clogged tube immediately and see that the refrigerant levels are adequate.

When you keep up your machine well, you are also keeping a check on your electricity bills. A split system air conditioner feeds on lower electricity when maintained regularly. On the other hand, a machine which has been away from maintenance for a long time, consumes more energy.

In addition to the above mentioned aspects, note that the area where you have installed the machine is not exposed to direct sunlight. Keep vegetation away from the system to minimize the load. Above all, remember to keep it away from a dusty environment. It is only with a good, high-performance machine can you beat the heat to your heart’s content.

Find out more informations here: