Lady on couch in home with air con

Is Home Air Conditioning a Must Have?

Home air conditioning provides many benefits over running fans or even the traditional air conditioning unit that is installed via the window. For one thing, home ac units are centrally controlled. Unlike window limited units, these home air conditioning units have the capability of cooling the entire home at one time, via an air duct system that pumps the air and evenly distributes it throughout the house. With the window units, they are not only becoming obsolete, but they are limited in their usage.

Typically these units only distribute a comfortable amount of cooled air about the room in which they are installed. They also burn more energy and in turn cause higher electric bills and even presents a danger to circuit breakers. Besides these disadvantages, these units are also extremely bulky and heavy and often requires a team of two or more persons for installation. The further danger is having a window opened in which the unit is installed and having it fall out potentially hurting someone severely that may be in its path. Centralized units combats all of these worries with the convenience and efficiency of its design.

Next to the bulky obsolete air conditioning units comes traditional fans. Many think that these devices are better for cooling and saving energy but they too present similar problems as with the window installed units.

Besides being lighter in weight, these units also present an issue with circuitry that has the potential to start fires, particularly when multiple units are running, as would be the case for homes with multiple areas that need to be cooled. They may stretch further in their capacity to cool, but these units merely circulate the air already about the home. There is no temperature control or actual cooling of the air and this can present a major problem of pollutants and quality of air.

Centralized air conditioning units for the home combat all of these issues. For one, they require less energy usage because of the efficiency of air distribution. They also operate on a separate system than outlets and plugins to ensure safety from fires while they also have the capacity to actually cool the air with its temperature controlled settings. The user can set the temperature to a desired point and allow for the unit to automatically shut on and off depending on the homes temperature. This in itself provides for less energy usage and more savings.

Most units also have a built in fan system that can circulate the crisp cool air built up in the home for added savings against running the cooling mechanism continuously.

There are also health advantages to using these units, which include the better air quality that comes with temperature controlled cooling over running fans. Home units have installed filtration systems to trap air dust and other polluting particles to give a cleaner more breathable environment. This helps against such chronic disorders as asthma, coughing and sneezing and lessens the chance of sickness. The air we breathe is important and home air conditioning units are sure to provide a safer option.