Importance Of Right Driving School


Here’s the case for learning automatic
Between 2014 and 2017, more students applied for automatic driver’s licences than ever before. It is expected that the number of people applying for automatic licenses will rise in the years ahead. This is because automobile manufacturers are leaning more and more towards electric and hybrid cars. Fortunately, our experts anticipate this shift and are ready to train you the right way. When it comes to passing your driving test, you can be sure we will train to become an excellent automatic automobile driver.

Here are the top reasons we think automatic is the future.

Smarter Cars, Better Fuel Economy

automatic car

According to some driving schools, the argument in favor of manual cars was that it offered better fuel economy than automatic transmission cars. Now, this argument is quite weak because automatic cars have special features that give them the edge over manual cars. These days, automatic cars come with up to 7 gears and this gives you better engine power. In addition, you notice better performance and improved fuel economy in current models of 5- speed automatic cars.

Mechanical Superiority
These days, automatic cars have mechanical superiority over the manual versions. Automatic cars are quicker, faster and more efficient than manual cars.

Stress Free Learning Means Stress Free Driving
It is easier to drive an automatic car and this is a great advantage for the learner because it builds confidence. In addition, there no stalling and you are not likely to backwards on a hill if you drive an automatic car.

To All New Learners
It does not matter if you are looking for manual or automatic driving lessons. Whatever option you choose, we offer you excellent service with 100% money back guarantee. We are committed to you and we want you to succeed.

Our Advice to New Learners

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Driving an automatic automobile is fun and it is convenient but it is not for everyone. Learn driving but learn the transmission that is convenient for you. Manual or automatic, make your choice and we will help you succeed. Defensive driving school is here to help you learn driving lessons.