Uses of Commercial Air Conditioners And How They Differ From Residential Units


 Proper air conditioning makes the environment comfortable for those in a building. Humidity and high temperature have the tendency to hang in the air when not dealt with making the surrounding hot and damp. If this happens in commercial offices, the image of the company will suffer ridicule. To ensure safer working environments, company owners must employ proper commercial air conditioning procedures.

The difference between commercial and residential air conditioning

Vast differences exist between residential and commercial HVACs. You cannot use a home cooling unit in large businesses and vice versa. The common differences exist along the following lines:

Amount of power

Commercial air conditioning Perth involves the use of many commercial HVACsin order to absorb heat and humidity from working areas. Due to their huge size, workplace air conditioners require a lot of power to operate. Residential units are smaller and run on a low-level voltage.

Location of placement

Home air conditioners come in standard units with the evaporator in the indoors and the condenser outdoor. Commercial conditioners, on the other hand, have their heating and cooling unit outside-usually on the rooftops.The units are pretty huge and can take up a lot of space in the offices that can be put to good use. Additionally, these units work extremely hard and thus produce a lot of noise to be kept inside. Find out more in this site :

Technical expertise

It goes without saying that residential units are basic in structure and thus easy for anybody to assemble or repair them. Commercial units are complicated and need a skilled technician to assemble and install. For instance, home units can drain their systems comfortably using a single condensate pan. Commercial ones need several of them to prevent pan overflowing.

Power saving ability

Advanced commercial units like Actron Air Perth have several thermostats for zoning. What does this mean? It means commercial units can auto shut themselves in areas that don’t need cooling to save on energy bills. Home units are yet to test the beauty of zoning.

Using skilled commercial air conditioning Perth experts for repair and maintenance

As said before, commercial air conditioning units are far advanced than home units. Don’t bring your home unit technician to work on work place units. He is likely to mess things up and make the damage even extensive.

Getting an accomplished technician for commercial units should be as simple as ABC. I mean, yours is not the only company around with cooling units, and you definitely are not the first one to need repairs. Ask the firm across the street to provide you with the contacts of the expert who helped them. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can as well ask the company that installed for you to repair them.