How to Take Care of Your Split System Air Conditioner

split system air conditioning

Global warming has become a global concern. With the Summer Sun soaring high and the scorching heat taking a toll on you, split system air conditioner machines seem like a big respite. But, you want these machines to run smoothly, and not slog. You want them to offer you quality air, and not break down or lead a passive life. Therefore, maintenance of your machine should become your prime concern to make sure that it functions properly, even if the mercury is on a steady rise.

But, how to do it? How to look after the machine and take good care of it? Here are a few things you can do to make the system function better:

Take care of the filters:

The filters are the most vital part of the machine. They keep away dust and microbes, and therefore, tend to accumulate dirt very easily. Change the filters every two to three months to prevent clogging. Remember, it is only with clean filters can you get clean air. Moreover, the dirtier your filters are, the costlier shall be the machine’s maintenance and repair.

Maintain unit fans:

Unit fans break down due to dirt accumulation or loose blades. Get rid of noisy, dirty blades today. Open the unit and thoroughly clean the fans. Tighten loose blades and clean them with a mild detergent. Dry it thoroughly before closing the unit and switching on the power supply.

Clean the compressor:

The compressor of your split system air conditioner makes use of low pressure and low volume gas and converts it into high pressure and high volume gas, which is perfect for the machine. Besides this, it also keeps the evaporator free from vapor accumulation. To make sure that a machine runs smoothly, it is important to keep the compressor clean. Use purpose-made oil for the cleanup process. More details here.

Maintain a working evaporator:

The cool air which comes out of the machine, first encounters the evaporator coil, where the heat gets absorbed, resulting in cooling. If the evaporator of your machine has aged, consider replacing it as soon as possible. Newer the evaporator better will be the air flow and circulation.

Clean the air ducts:

This is an important part of your machine maintenance attempt. The ducts of the system keep the cool air circulated in the entire area. But, they tend to pick up dust and grime very easily. Remove the dust from time to time to let clean air flow.

Keep the refrigerant level adequate:

Every such machine comes with a refrigerant which serves in cooling air. At times, the level of this refrigerant can come down, leading to malfunctioning. In most cases, a leak in the machine causes this issue. The machine may stop working altogether, even if you have changed the filters recently. And, there might crop up issues of ice formation in the tubes. Make sure to hire expert repair services to resolve this problem. Address to a clogged tube immediately and see that the refrigerant levels are adequate.

When you keep up your machine well, you are also keeping a check on your electricity bills. A split system air conditioner feeds on lower electricity when maintained regularly. On the other hand, a machine which has been away from maintenance for a long time, consumes more energy.

In addition to the above mentioned aspects, note that the area where you have installed the machine is not exposed to direct sunlight. Keep vegetation away from the system to minimize the load. Above all, remember to keep it away from a dusty environment. It is only with a good, high-performance machine can you beat the heat to your heart’s content.

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